The manic and slightly deranged world of ‘Le Nevet Bete’ visited upon Tavistock College last night.

A year on from their cowboy show ‘Once Upon a Time in a Western’, the four members of the theatre group Le Navet Bete, Nick, Al, Dan and Matt arrived at the college to perform their new show ‘Dick Tracy’ currently touring the UK.

With a much higher level of investment from new Arts Council funding that provide better props, masks, stage sets and Alex the technician, the four guys variously dressed at cops, an assortment of male and female characters, goodies and baddies and of course Dick provided a world of laughs and raucous comedy during three hours of fun and games.

They set up during the morning and then ran a workshop in Clowning and Comedy Acting for students at the College taking Drama or performance based courses. The feedback I got from one of the kids was hilarious, he said that, “The energy of the group was real, and everyone was taking part and going for it. My face ached!”

The school has a good front of house team and great technicians and the head of Preforming Arts who organises this and other extravaganzas, was on hand throughout the evening. The school sold around 200 tickets and lots of refreshments and the hall echoed with the sound of laughter. They were worth their rave reviews, I laughed all evening and the audience loved every minute of it. Not bad for a bunch of ‘Daft Turnips’ from south Devon.


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