There is an election coming…

We are running a Mock Election at school…here is how it works.


Now:     All candidates need to select their 6th form support team.

They also need to check out their party manifesto, available on the internet.

Start planning your election posters and your oral presentations to assemblies – you will each speak for a maximum of 2  minutes, following an introductory PowerPoint. We recommend keeping it to 5 or 6 key points.

Wednesday 22nd April:

There will be a meeting at break in H1 for any students from KS3/4 who would like to be part of a team. All candidates and 6th form supporters to attend. Then you can finalise your campaign teams – make sure they are not too large.

Mon 27th April:

Put up posters – keep it positive, maximum 10, A4 maximum size. Make sure they are put up straight and in sensible places.

Mon-Fri 27th April – 1st May:

Each candidate will speak in KS3 and kS4 assemblies (Mon Year 11, Tues Year 10, on to Fri Year 7)

Tues 5th May:

Candidates will speak to the Year 12 assembly

Tues and Wed 4th and 5th May:

Hustings meetings at lunchtime, when students will have the opportunity to speak to candidates to find out more about their policies. The venue is to be confirmed but you will each have a stall where students can come and ask you questions.

Thurs May 7th:

Voting at registration, break and lunchtime only. Candidates should tour the college, with their teams, to encourage voting.

Period 5: Counting in the Octagon. Candidates to be present with their teams.

Good luck!


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