Nepal – how we are helping

Why are we supporting ShelterBox?

Nepal, what a terrible tragedy, it is over thirty years since I last went to Nepal – a beautiful and enchanting place but also a place of poverty and challenge. You might know Nepal best as the home of The Gurkha Brigade, they are a long standing and important part of the Commonwealth Forces in the British Army. The Brigade of Gurkhas is the collective term for units of the current British Army that are composed of Nepalese soldiers. The brigade, which is 3,640 strong, draws its heritage from Gurkha units that originally served in the British Indian Army prior to Indian independence, and prior to that of the East India Company. The brigade includes infantry, engineer, signal, logistic and training and support units. They are famous for their ever-present kukris, a distinctive heavy knife with a curved blade, and for their reputation of being fierce fighters and brave soldiers. It is their ancestral homeland that the epicentre of the recent earthquake occurred.

Have a look at the BBC link here:

Our school is helping. We have an ongoing relationship with a school in Nepal and hosted some staff from a school there earlier this year. This is what we are doing.

Great goal for us: Raise £8,848 – the height of Everest in metres. 

Below are some details about future plans that are being developed.  The fantastic and wonderful Sally Hubbard and Tori Froud are making these things happen – they’re brilliant.

You’ll see below that our Nepal Club who met today are meeting again week this Friday, 8th may, lunchtime.  You would be more than welcome to come along if you are free?

Friday mufti day- student volunteers to meet Sally in reception at the start of registration to collect money.

Friday break and lunchtime- Cake Sale in the Concourse and the Octagon.

Please bring cakes in to sale but also go and buy cakes, else Phil will buy them all! Student volunteers will be leaving lessons 20 minutes early to help set up these stalls. Any clarifications of names needed, please contact James, Sally or myself.

Friday lunchtime- Cicely’s Staff v student Rounder’s. Please take part or at least come along and put some coins in the buckets that will be shaked at you!

Each Shelter Box is £590…the Nepal Club would love us to raise enough money to buy 4!

Each tent houses 10 people.

How much money can we raise?

Everest – 8,848m high.    £8 8 4 8 0 0.  You decide where to put the decimal point.

Above is what is being sorted for this Friday, but we had some incredible ideas for further necessary fund raising too, as this needs to be kept in the minds of staff and students for many months to come:

Perhaps we could have a Nepal Fundraising Friday once a month??

A onesie walk/run/relay race. Mr Forster is this something that PE would like to assist organising please? 22 laps would be the height of Everest. Perhaps it could a sponsored event, or students have to pay to get out their lessons to take part!! (SLT, not sure where we stand on that idea, but it is a great one!). This was an idea from a year 7- so perhaps the year 7 year team could help organise it too?

A Nepalese Themed Bake off- Mrs Harris, what do you think? Would Mrs Monk be up for the challenge? This was an idea from a year 8, so perhaps the year 8 year team could help to organise it?

Kapardi Tournament- Harry and Bert to organise a tournament of a traditional Nepalese contact sport- perhaps teams have to pay to enter?

HoY- would any of you like to get involved?

James Head of 6th Form said, “I was immensely proud of the students in the meeting today, the topic was not pleasant, but you are focused and an inspiration, thank you.”

Next Nepal Club Meeting in G3, Friday 8th May, at lunchtime- please bring your lunch

Check out:

Come on lets help!



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